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Messy desktops reflect our current way of being

Messy Desktops reflect our current way of being

Messy work desks, messy work floors, messy bedrooms and messy bathrooms. All those places are obvious to many others. If you allow those to be messy you are alright with everyone knowing you have a very active mind that goes all over the place. A messy desktop, on the other hand, is an entirely different animal. Obviously, there is a strong correlation between messy desks and messy desktops. However, a messy desktop seems to indicate something more.

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A messy desktop may signal that your mind is on overdrive and you are just writing and creating away and just have no time to sort things out.  A messy desktop may signal that what you are working on is just part of the moment and you may never go back to it or it may signal the very opposite.

When you see a messy office desk, it is often that the owner of that mess needs to see everything laid out. A messy desktop seems to signal a deeper tolerance of chaos and just rushing through life. That is where our current society’s mindset is at. Many are racing to produce and don’t stop to see what is there or sort things out. We jump from one idea to another to another leaving behind idea vestiges. Half-started documents lie open in wait on the desktop; at times for months on end.   Is there a need to rein in those messy desktops or are they leading to enhanced creativity?  How do you feel when you turn on the computer and see 100 items there?


A Wishing Well: A window onto your mind

A Wishing Well: A window onto your mind

Traveling across the world, one can come across many fountains big and small. Most of the time, these fountains have throngs of tourists milling about, snapping away and digging deep into pockets to find some coins to toss in.  In Rome, hundreds of people surround the Trevi Fountain tossing in coin after coin. Some look thoughtful, while others are laughing and giggling as they toss in their found coins. If one were to interview all those tossing in coins you would find a cross-section of hopes, fears and a hint of what is to come for this world. Those wishes let you know where people are at psychologically. If you have only one cin, what is that one wish that is made? If you have three how do the three wishes vary?

You wonder what it is that is in your heart and mind?  Do you have a hard decision to make? Go toss a coin in a fountain, well or need be, a puddle. The first thing you wish for will help guide your thoughts and actions thereafter.

Of course, coin tossing need not be such a deep endeavor but it sure does serve as a window onto your mind. Go ahead and see what your mind is telling you.

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The jarring art had graffiti on it: There will be blood

The road trip was endless giving her time to think of the outside world. Where should she go to next? As she rapidly snapped her photos, she caught sight of the land. What does it mean to install art in the middle of nowhere? It is certainly jarring. She pulled over to take a closer look. The jarring art had graffiti on it. Others felt the need to leave their mark. Her stomach burned with an equal need. Should she tag her name? Date her arrival and departure? She knelt on the sand, cutting her knee. There will be blood.

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