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A Wishing Well: A window onto your mind

A Wishing Well: A window onto your mind

Traveling across the world, one can come across many fountains big and small. Most of the time, these fountains have throngs of tourists milling about, snapping away and digging deep into pockets to find some coins to toss in.  In Rome, hundreds of people surround the Trevi Fountain tossing in coin after coin. Some look thoughtful, while others are laughing and giggling as they toss in their found coins. If one were to interview all those tossing in coins you would find a cross-section of hopes, fears and a hint of what is to come for this world. Those wishes let you know where people are at psychologically. If you have only one cin, what is that one wish that is made? If you have three how do the three wishes vary?

You wonder what it is that is in your heart and mind?  Do you have a hard decision to make? Go toss a coin in a fountain, well or need be, a puddle. The first thing you wish for will help guide your thoughts and actions thereafter.

Of course, coin tossing need not be such a deep endeavor but it sure does serve as a window onto your mind. Go ahead and see what your mind is telling you.

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Leaving without a trace

Leaving without a trace


What? She did not quite understand. How could it be that she had to go through this dark tunnel to get to her home? Had the life-long journey not been tedious enough? She just wanted to rest her legs and have a hot toddy. That was not to be. She welcomes varied experiences. However, they should not be laced with danger and panic. She knew what she had to do.

She picked up the phone, made arrangements, gathered her clothes from the floor and left without a word. Her mom had also escaped and so would she. No more fear.

I dreamt of leaving and piercing that veil for air

I dreamt of leaving


As a child, I dreamt of leaving. I did not dream of leaving my family but my environment.My environment was rough and stifling with not much hope in sight for many of those around me. It suffocated me and made me want to pierce that veil for air.

Eventually such a dream led to me leaving my family. I was curious about the world and had a hunger for exploration. I did not necessarily dream of traveling for I do not think that “travel and see the world” concept was really ever mentioned in my environment. That is until the 5th grade when my teacher went to the Scandanavian countries and enlisted my “help” in researching the countries. That started my travel bug but it was a very teeny tiny bug. I only got the full on travel bug once I knew a bit more about who I was.

It is an interesting experience to travel when you are still unsure of yourself. You are somewhat open to the experience but you do not have much of your self to integrate the experience into. Nonetheless, it is important to get traveling as early on in life as possible. Openness to new experiences is a key part of one’s personality that can be molded with exposure to different settings and people.

That is in a way what being an ethnograffitti artist s about.   Experiencing and painting the world simultaneously. Despite not knowing it when I was young, I have always been striving towards that role.

I dreamt of leaving

That I did for clarity

Now I see ahead

The jarring art had graffiti on it: There will be blood

The road trip was endless giving her time to think of the outside world. Where should she go to next? As she rapidly snapped her photos, she caught sight of the land. What does it mean to install art in the middle of nowhere? It is certainly jarring. She pulled over to take a closer look. The jarring art had graffiti on it. Others felt the need to leave their mark. Her stomach burned with an equal need. Should she tag her name? Date her arrival and departure? She knelt on the sand, cutting her knee. There will be blood.

FF_cars in sand

Do the Dew

Do the Dew

When you see this billboard going cross country or on your way to work, do you get thirsty? Does such a billboard make you want to pull over and immediately find a vending machine? Does such a billboard make you want to go to the grocery store and find the soda pop aisle?

do the dew

When I was a young girl at a boarding school where an A- was seen as failure, anything with mega doses with caffeine in it was our friend. Mountain Dew was a staple in our dorm vending machine. Walk into any dorm at 3am and you would find a bleary-eyed student on the floor looking at some random history book while holding dearly to their mega-caffeinated soda.

That was back in the day. Now, I hold onto my venti -triple espresso- latte.